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Duct Cleaning

Are you suffering from mystery aches, allergies, sniffles, and other ailments? 

The problem could very easily be caused by what is hidden in your air ducts and vents. 

Increase the efficiency of your home heating and cooling system while improving the quality of air that you breathe with Trenworks Duct Cleaning!



The average person spends approximately 90% of their time indoors at work and at home where pollutant levels are often ten times higher than outdoors. The Environmental Protection Agency has ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health (EPA, 1987; EPA, 1990).


Regular cleaning of hot and cold air ducts helps your furnace and air conditioning run more efficiently by removing blockages and obstructions that restrict airflow, often resulting in noticeable quicker heating and cooling response from your household vent registers thereby reducing energy consumption and costs.


Do you ever wonder why just a few days after dusting your home, dust reappears?  It could very likely be coming from your air ducts.  Dust contains allergens, dead skin cells which attract dust mites, mold, mildew, parasites, as well as, other construction, environmental and organic contaminants causing serious health problems affecting millions of people.


-The Trenworks System blasts away dust and debris hiding in your ductwork!
We use high-powered portable indoor equipment eliminating the need of having to leave your house doors open while cleaning air ducts. Our technology harnesses powerful airflow generated by state of the art machinery delivering the “push-pull” necessary to propel build-up from duct walls while our proprietary clear, illuminated vacuum head provides you with an impressive view of the exiting waste debris as it is removed from your household air circulation system by our high performance, filtered vacuum unit. We often clean up what our competitors have left behind!  The result is cleaner, safer, healthier air ducts in your home.  

Check out our sample duct cleaning video below:

Your home and floors are cleaned and vacuumed regularly, so why not get rid of those nasty duct monsters in your heating and cooling system right now?

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